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Tweet By Daryl L. Hunter I tried to touch Bavaria once but my first attempt to get to Germany from Austria in 2014 was met with failure because of a closed tunnel. A closure that was clearly marked for dozens of kilometers at every round about: however, not knowing the language, I couldn’t read the […]

The antiquity of Venice was and interesting stop on our way to Cortina d’Ampezzo. The hour and a half drive from Venice to Auronzo di Cadore increased in beauty as we climbed in elevation; a photographer’s reoccurring, deja vu, I was seeing places I wish I had the time to stop at.

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Researching Zermatt, logistics for a town without cars presented challenges for this auto dependent photographer. A mountain with a reputation of rarely appearing from above its cool blanket of clouds presented other problems.

A gem among Italy’s embarrassment of riches of Mediterranean splendor can be found a half hour south of the glitzy playground of the rich, Portofino Italy, here you will find the five towns of Cinque Terre, on the cliffs above the Ligurian Sea.

Procida a heavenly little piece of rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea decorated with ancient buildings that would make a great Crayola Crayon advertisement.

Everything there is to say about Venice has already been said; well maybe I can dig deep for something to contribute, as all that has been said, hasn’t been said by me.

All destination tours I had led previously, I had gone out to scout first, Africa is a tough one to scout, so I scouted it on Google. All it takes is interminable of hours measured in weeks and months of planning LOL.

My biggest trepidation about driving in a foreign land is negotiating major cities where I can’t read the signs. Although this conundrum has shown me some interesting places it is a time–consuming and angst filled endeavor.

I got hired to speak about photography in Yokosuka Japan, and whenever one of these speaking engagements happens in foreign place I like to spend a little extra time there to throw a new twist into my portfolio.

The Canadian Rockies where superlatives become mute in a landscape abounding with peaks competing to dominate the sky, psychedelic lakes that ……

For obvious reasons, today the main source of revenue for Cinque Terre is tourism. A testimony to the strength of centuries-old tradition, fishing, wine and olive oil production continue. Adding to its charm is the lack of visible corporate development.

Because of their embarrassment of natural riches, the Dolomites became a World Heritage Site in 2009. The Dolomites have always had a huge imprint on those who admired them for the first time, and it is not a secret that they are acclaimed by many as the most beautiful mountains on earth.

A new plan quickly came together; I would leave the base at 5AM for Naples Harbor 45 minutes away to catch the first possible ferry for Capri. The guy at the hotel desk hearing my plans offered to rent me a GPS since Naples has 3.5 million people. Considering some of my previous challenges, I said yes.

After a two hour crash, I awoke in a panic knowing afternoon light of this exotic local was slipping by uncaptured. I retrieved my Fiat from the parking garage malaise and headed west into the marvelous antiquity that surrounded me.

When I told those in the know, I would rent a car and drive in Italy, they often would say something like: “You are a brave man,” other’s would say after a maniacal laugh; “you’re a freaking idiot.