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Daryl L. Hunter in Geo Magazine (France)



Daryl L. Hunter - French Geo Magazine

Me “Daryl L. Hunter” on opening spread in French Geo Magazine for an article about Yellowstone National Park


Scarface the Grizzly Bear

Scarface the Grizzly Bear

I found it ironically rich to find myself on the opening spread of an article about Yellowstone National Park. The article isn’t about me, I just happened to be there blocking the view of a beautiful Yellowstone Landscape.

I was driving in the Lamar Valley shortly before sundown when I saw a grizzly bear down by the river; I quickly found a place to park. As I jumped out of my car a gal named Dana Romanoff got out of hers, Dana didn’t know about the bear, I let her know then said “lets go”!

Writer/Photographer Dana Romanoff
Writer/Photographer Dana Romanoff

Dana was scared of grizzlies and voiced her concerns, I quickly allayed her trepidation and she was game to follow. While hiking for a safe vantage point she told me she was writing an article for Geo Magazine. Her lens wasn’t long enough for a grizzly photo so I let her use my 500mm so she could have a decent bear photo for her article. I was delighted to find the grizzly was the legendary old boar “Scarface” a bear I had heard plenty about, but had never had the opportunity to photograph.

I love Yellowstone and moved onto its periphery because its embarrassment of riches for the photographer and with such a rich assortment of subjects to feature I found it ridiculous for this magazine to pass on all the good stuff in order to lead with a photo of me – I am however flattered.

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