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On Sale Now – Fine Art Prints

“Cancer Recovery Sale” 10% off all prints through November 1

I have recently been diagnosed (5/5/2018) with throat cancer , and although I have insurance, my 20% will be quite sizable.  Good news is, it is the “good kind of tumor LOL”  and responds best to treatment than all others. I am not worried about this getting me, I will be fine.  I will just have a physically miserable summer and a disastrous business season.  On the upside, the wife has been nicer lately!

I  have been unable to lead my photo tours for the past few months and for the near future, hence; I must step up my photo sales, so if you ever wanted one of my fine art prints, now is a good time.  No wall space? think birthdays and Christmas. If you don’t have any wall space or any family to gift, or any friends ?  you can just

I have recently completed  radiation treatment in tandem with chemo therapy, but since photography tour guiding involves talking constantly for the duration of the tour, my return date to my business won’t be until my voice regains it’s strength, and it seems to be taking it’s time. I will likely be out for four + months of a five month tourism window, great timing 🙁  I am fortunate my friend Jim Osterhout volunteered to do my tours for me so, although I have a bit of income, it doesn’t measure up to what is needed to stay solvent since I can’t lead the trips myself.

I had to get a feeding tube because I haven’t been able to swallow, now I realize why I have stored all the nutrition a grizzly bear needs to make it through winter hibernation! 🙂

Thanks All!

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Daryl L. Hunter photographing the Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park


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