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Teeland’s General Store, Wasilla Alaska

Teelands General Store, Wasilla Alaska

Teelands General Store, Wasilla Alaska

Teeland’s General Store, Wasilla Alaska (1976?); the way it was. If you look at this photo you will notice a few things. First I am not at an Ace Hardware, I am at an old time general store. In my hands are two new chimneys for the kerosene lamps I used to light my cabin that had no electricity. Yes, even town, when we got there, was out in the boondocks.

There were very few people there then, I hear there are sadly over 100,000 people in that valley now. Although the store is on the list of historic places, it still got a serious face-lift.

Old general stores had things like lamp chimneys; plumbing parts for those who had plumbing with such an array of stuff you would wonder where they kept it all. Of course the buyer couldn’t find it, the proprietor would usually say: “I think I have one of those, let me see if I can find it. Today in its new incarnation Teelands is a sandwich shop and the waitress brings you whatever you need almost like they used to do with a plug for your boat.

Many city folks would be appalled at sopping under such circumstances, it is a good then, the country is already crowded enough.

I find it odd that anyone would take a photo of someone coming out of a store; however, I’m glad my mom did.

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