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The Bidit ~ a new experience

bidit-1As I have started traveling farther and wider, I have been exposed to more things, this is why we travel. Other cultures are interesting to observe, ancient monuments of history are fascinating and as a photographer, landscapes and creatures of other lands are great photo fodder. Oh, did I mention new discoveries?

In Europe and Japan many of the hotels have bidets (fancy toilets), pronounced bih-DAY. Those I saw in Italy were porcelain and usually had a regular western toilet right next to them. In Europe, given the choice, I opted with familiarity and left the bidet unexplored. The ones I found in Japan looked as though they had a bit more engineering in them, and there wasn’t a western toilet option.

While doing due diligence on room amities on Trip Advisor for my trip to Japan, I have to admit, that the cheap looking plastic toilets were a put off but a toilet is a toilet, right?

Berry-good-grab-1When nature’s call came around, I was smitten as soon as I sat down on the perfectly heated seat as I melted into the thrown as I never had before, and a wave of relaxation came over me. This cheap looking plastic toilet was looking shinier by the second. The glossy familiarity of porcelain was starting to seem like an out dated notion. The second I hit the squirt button, alarmingly I felt as though I had just been violated, hopefully soon it would go off. It didn’t.

In a state of near panic I started looking for the off button that this invasive contraption must have somewhere as the heated stream of water washed what had only been washed by me. I soon found an off button, among many others on the control panel, but by now my state of panic had been replaced by a state of bliss – I lingered.

After achieving the off button I started reading the other buttons, sporting icons of bum bottoms, one said wash, one said shower, as well as the elusive stop button. On the side there was a dial with pressure settings. Then the experimenting began.

Over my six nights at this hotel I learned how they all worked. I had to deduce these ingenious gadgets were invented by an anatomical physicist with hemorrhoids. Thomas Crapper, inventor of the flush toilet, would be proud of how his invention was coming along in the 21st century. Technology is touching all parts of our lives, our nether parts being no exception.

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