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Weird Wildlife Behavior

The more I watch wildlife the more I don’t know!I have been living in the Yellowstone region for twenty-five years and have spent many hours, days, months and years observing wildlife as I photographed them or watching them while leading wildlife tours. Just when I think I am understanding wildlife they throw me a curve ball.

On a fine sunny afternoon Grizzly Bear #610 walked into Willow Flats a meadow in Grand Teton National Park. The Meadow was full of elk and at first the elk ran for their lives. But shortly they realized the grizzly bear wasn’t chasing them at which time they turned around then returned to just a few feet from the grizzly bear that has been eating their calves for a month.

The lead elk are relaxed and start grazing but the other elk aren’t so sure. The Grizzly sits down in the grass and ignores the elk.


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