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Window on the Wilderness ~ Greater Yellowstone 2011


A year of video and stills compressed into YouTube’s fifteen-minute format. It was a great year of bears, wolves, elk and such. The video starts at the beginning of the year and takes you through to the end.  Since it was too long I had to remove all of the Grizzly 399 and 310 footage as well as other wildlife dramas but they can be found elsewhere here on the blog.


Teton Village on Dwellable

11 thoughts on “Window on the Wilderness ~ Greater Yellowstone 2011

  1. Sharon Owens says:

    The still pictures were excellent. The bears and wolves, being my favorite wild animals, lived up to expectations. Thank you for making this video.

  2. Cris Wilkins says:

    Very, very nice work! Fun to watch and great selection of music you put to it.

  3. Jeff Clow says:

    A great recap of the year, Daryl. Nicely done throughout….!

  4. J. Patterson says:

    One fantastic video Daryl ! You certainly put together a great combination of videos and stills for an excellent video of greater Yellowstone and Jackson Hole wildlife and mountains. Excellent scene captures which were so fun to watch. JP

  5. olcootusa says:

    I really enjoyed the video. Thank you.
    Make some more!!

  6. beckie says:

    Wow! What awsome pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Can’t wait till we get to go out there.

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