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Yellowstone Dinner Party – wolves and grizzly bears

A grizzly bear boar, grizzly bear sow, her three cubs dine on the bounty of Yellowstone with a pack of wolves in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park

4 thoughts on “Yellowstone Dinner Party – wolves and grizzly bears

  1. Ingrid says:

    Daryl, this is an incredible illustration of the very principle you cite at the end. I especially enjoyed the play around the territorial displays and conflict. It speaks so beautifully to the complexity and simultaneous simplicity of existence. Thank you. (I found your blog by way of your Yellowstone winter video.)

  2. Frans Heinsbroek says:

    Nice video. I was there almost all day long and still think back of the incredable moments from that day last september in Lamar Valley.

    • Yes Frans, it was a captivating scene – we were fortunate to be able to share it. I live outside of Yellowstone and I guide there, and I’v never seen anything like it before. A rare event in nature. Your timing for a visit to Yellowstone was perfect!

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